Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sweet pongal

1.raw rice-1 cup gram dhal-1/4 cup
3.jaggery-1/4 cup
4.ghee or vanaspathy-2 tblsp
5.cashew-3 or 4
6.elaichi-1 powdered or elaichi essence-1 drop
7.milk-if desired
1. combine and boil rice and dhal as usual
2.dissolve jaggery in 1/4 cup water and boil over fire till it becomes very thick add elaichi powder
3.add with rice mixture,if it is still very watery keep on fire for some more time,keep stirring a pan add ghee ,add cashew ,fry till cashew becomes light brown,add to rice mixture
5.if only essence is available,add it after removing from fire.
6.after removing from fire it may become thick,so remove when it is still bit loose.
7. sweet pongal is ready to be served


1.raw rice-1cup gram dhal-1/4 cup
3.ghee or vanaspathy-2 tblsp
5.asafoetida-a pinch
6.cumin seeds-1/4 tsp pepper-a few
8.ginger-grate or finely cut-1/2 tsp
9.curry leaves-few
10.salt-as desired
1.add rice and dhal and wash
2.boil in oven as usual
3.dissolve enough salt and asafoetida in 1/4 cup water and add this to the boiled rice and mix well a pan add ghee or vanaspathy,add cumin,pepper and cashew
5.when cashew becomes brown add rice mixture and ginger and curry leaves,mix well and remove from fire ,pongal is ready to be served.
p.s;if der is no chutney,can be eaten with pickle.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Medhu pokoda-a savoury

1.bengal gram flour-1 cup
2.maida(all purpose flour)-1/4 cup
3.cubed onion-1/2 cup
4.finely chopped green chilli-1
5.coriander+ /or curry leaves-1 tbsp(optional) oil-for frying
7.salt-as req
1.Mix both the flours,adding enough sal(may bet1/4 tsp)
2.add 1 tbsp oil and mix well
3.add water and mix to make a thick batter
4.add onion,chilli and leaves and mix ( onions will add water content) a deep bowl ,add oil and heat
6.when ready add a spoonful of batter,keep the flame in medium level
7.keep turning the pokaras in between till it becomes light brown in colour
8.serve hot with sause or chutney

Saturday, July 31, 2010


1.idly-4 nos
2.cubed onions-2 chilly-2 nos-finely chopped
4.tamarind juice-3 table spoon
5.salt-as req
6.curry leaves oil-4 tsp
8.idly milagai podi*(idly chilly powder)-4tbl sp

1.idlies should be cubed,add tamarind syrup and chilly powder and mix evenly a frying pan, add oil and add onion,chilly and curry leaves
3.fry till onions are tender(add some salt ,so that it will not be over burnt)
4.add the idly mixed with chilly powder and in a low flame fry for some more time adding oil
5. remove from fire and serve hot as evening snack.

P.S;this can be made from left out idlies so wastage is avoided

idly powder; take 1 cup urad dhal,50gms red chilly,1/2 cup channa dhal and dry fry till it becomes light brown
in colour.powder this mixture along with req salt and store in a dry containerto be used whenever required.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cucumber Rice

1.boiled,cooled rice(pref raw rice)-2 cups
2.seed removed,peeled,shredded cucumber-1 medium sized
3.scraped coconut-1cup
4. mustard-1/2 tsp ,urad dhal-1/4 tsp
5.curry leaves-few,finely chopped green chilly-2
6.salt-as per taste
7.oil-2 tsp
8.asofoetida-a pinch
Method a heated pan add mustard and dhal
2.when it stops crackling add squeezed cucumber and close the lid,stirring in between
3.when half done,add coconut,chilly,curry leaf,asofoetida,salt and remaining oil
4.when colour changes to golden brown,remove from fire
5.mix with the rice evenly-cucumber rice is ready to serve

carrot rice

1.boiled,cooled rice(pref raw rice)-2 cups
2.carrot-peeled and scrapped -2 nos
3.finely chopped ginger-(1 inch piece), garlic(optional)-6 and green chillies-2
4.cubed onion-1
5.turmeric powder-a pinch
6.chilly powder-1/4 tsp
7.cardamom,patta,clove-each one
8.oil and salt-as req
Method a pan heat oil,add cardamom,clove and patta
2.simmer the flame and then add onion and fry for a few seconds and add chopped ingredients
3.fry for few more seconds and then add carrot
4.sprinkle some water,and close the pan with a lid
5.when everything is cooked, add chilly powder and turmeric powder and salt
6.when there is no water and consistency is very thick,remove from fire-the carrot rice is ready to be served
7. mix with the cooled rice,coriander and curry leaves can be added (if desired)